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Executive Playbook

Investor Relations

First impressions count. Investors will make their initial judgment about a company based on the investor relations presentation.

An investor presentation has a single purpose: Convincing investors that they should invest in your company.

However, for many companies, it can be challenging to create a presentation that clearly articulates a company’s investment proposition. Most investor presentations are ineffective in terms of clearly communicating why an investor should consider investing in a company. The most common problem is that the presentation lacks a clear structure or story line for the audience to grasp the investment thesis.

In this toolkit we take you step by step to develop your own investor relations presentation with pre-formatted slides and frameworks. Simply insert your own content and deliver a professional image to your next investor event.

Layout/Content List

  • Strategic Review
  • Financial Review
  • Business Areas
  • Opportunities Ahead
  • Key Takeaways



36 PowerPoint slides in total


16:9 HD Widescreen slide format (1920 x 1080 pixels)




100% editable Powerpoint slides

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