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The Decision Advisory Group

Strategic Decision Making

In board rooms everywhere, senior executives are formulating strategies. What is strategy?  Most fundamentally, strategy is about choice, but not any choice, key decisions on critical forks in the road that will provide something that customers want, in a manner that is differentiated from competitors, and delivers returns to shareholders.  Often, these decisions involve long-term impacts that are hard to predict and require a large commitment of resources.

The stakes to get these decisions right is high. Studies have shown that only a few companies make successful long-term strategic decisions, and as a result, these few capture the lion’s share of the industry’s economic profit.  Thus, most companies do not deliver meaningful returns and in some case, destroy value.  The successful companies are often those that make well-considered, bold strategic moves.  The unsuccessful companies either do not make the moves and consequently miss opportunities, or they make bad strategic decisions.

These high-stake decisions are management’s only lever to develop and execute a successful business strategy.  But, no-one wants to be remembered as the one who made the wrong decision.  The operative question is then how do you make the right strategic decisions in a fast-moving, complex, and uncertain context?

Fortunately, there is a proven, data-driven process for reliably making high-quality strategic decisions.  In this toolkit, we provide step-by-step guidelines, along with sample content, to guide you on your next project.  By following this process, it will help you make quality strategic decisions and hence position your firm for value creation.

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Layout/Content List

  1. Why should we care?
  2. The strategic decision making process
  3. Segmenting decisions
  4. Setup the decision
  5. Frame the situation
  6. Develop alternatives
  7. Evaluate alternatives
  8. Plan for execution
  9. Derive leanings and improve
  10. Bonus - Excel toolkit



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